DIY Raspberry Lemonade Lip Balm - This gorgeous ombre raspberry lemonade lip balm is easy to make and is ultra-moisturizing for your lips!

Did you know that making your own homemade lip balm is actually really easy? If you loved our wonderful recipe for DIY lip balm using lemongrass oil, you’re going to adore this moisturizing homemade raspberry lemonade lip balm recipe!
I’m not sure where you’re reading from, but up here in the great state of Maine, we have had a long and insanely snowy winter. I’m so ready for spring and summer!
One of my favorite summer treats is raspberry lemonade, and this ultra-nourishing DIY raspberry lemonade lip balm will keep your lips protected from the harsh reality outside. The flavor gives you a little hint of summer that might help remind you that spring will arrive, eventually!

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